PLC Lamp

LED 2 Pin lamp with Aluminum Back and PC diffuser having efficacy suited for installation in existing place of 11 Watt Lamp. LED PLL Lamp to replace 36W conventional PLL lamps.

  • The new generation of energy-saving Led PLL tube light.
  • LED 4 pin lamp with Aluminum housing.
  • Poly carbonate diffuser creates optimum light uniformity with minimum glare.
  • Provided with highly efficient integral constant current led driver.
  • Applications :LED PL lamps are the ideal upgrade for down lights in a wide range of applications. These include reception areas,  corridors and hallways in offices, retail stores, hospitality venues and home applications.
  • High lumen output with controlled power.
  • Suited for installation in existing place 36W conventional PLL lamps.
  • IP : 20
  • Total Current Harmonics Distortion is < 15%
  • Very user-friendly and maintenance friendly.
  • 2 years warranty.



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