Cob Spot Light

Luzion recessed COB spot offers effective lighting solution for hotels, convention centers, banquet halls.

  • LED recessed COB spot light with aluminium housing.
  • High quality decorative focus on your prized objects on display.
  • Comes with a til-table feature which you can use to adjust the direction of light and illuminate the area of your choice.
  • Provided with highly efficient integral constant current led driver.
  • Reflector & clear optics to create sharp light beam without glare.
  • Applications :  hotels, convention centers, restaurants, banquet halls, showrooms.
  • High lumen output with controlled power.
  • Total Current Harmonics Distortion is < 15%
  • 2 years warranty.
LZCOBR07W07W>0.955700 /3000>80<15100
LZCOBR12W12W>0.955700 /3000>80<15100
LZCOBR16W16W>0.955700 /3000>80<15100
LZCOBR24W24W>0.955700 /3000>80<15100
LZCOBR30W30W>0.955700 /3000>80<15100



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